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We look forward to seeing you in our membership.
The amount of the membership is fixed at 15 € for the 1st year and 5 € the following years. You can also make a deductible donation from your taxes.

How to do :
- 1) Download the fillable form opposite and enter it on computer (please, save the form on your computer before use
- 2) Pay your subscription fee to the AISP via Paypal
- 3) Save the form with your name on your computer and return it by email to direction@aisp.fr
2) Paypal payment
Please choose from the following 3 possibilities:

1st year membership fee : 15 €


Tariff of membership the following years: 5 €


Amount for your donations :

3) Receiving your membership card
Upon receipt of your payment and your form, you will receive your membership card to the AISP. Thank you for your trust.